Coaching explorations

If enhancing your relationships and becoming a better version of yourself is something you are pursuing, I offer three unique coaching experiences to resource you.

Premarital Exploration

Set against the backdrop of wedding preparations and ceremony development, this couples coaching experience offers “soonlyweds” new insights into the way their unique compatibility set functions as they transition into married life together. This offering comes standard with my “I Do” It All Package. However, a less robust, stand alone version can be purchased separately.

*Please note that all of my “coaching explorations” are distinct from counseling and/or therapy.


This couples coaching experience offers “newlyweds” and “longlyweds” alike an opportunity to enhance their intimacy, improve communication, and profoundly deepen their understanding of themselves and one another along dimensions directly pertinent to their relationship.


enneagram Exploration

Guided by the most comprehensive and multivalent personalty system I’ve ever encountered, this one-on-one coaching experience offers individuals an unparalleled adventure in self-discovery and personal development with The Enneagram.