Meet Chance

Photography by Leah Puttkammer of Gray Kammera Photography.   Click on the image to visit Leah's website!

Photography by Leah Puttkammer of Gray Kammera Photography. Click on the image to visit Leah's website!


Meet Chance Dillon  

Chance Dillon is a Nashville based wedding officiant and relationship coach. If you are on the hunt for a wedding officiant in the Nashville area who specializes in custom-made wedding ceremonies and premarital coaching, than you've come to the right place! If you've already said "I Do" and you're looking for a marriage coach to help you enhance your already fulfilling marriage, let Chance put his skills and knowledge to work for you.   

Prior to his work as a wedding officiant and relationship coach, Chance worked at various Christian churches in a number of different denominations, exercising the educational training he received from both Belmont University (B.A. in Religious Studies) and Vanderbilt Divinity School (M.Div.).

Additionally, Chance was passionately involved in community organizing and teaching around issues of interreligious engagement and religious literacy—helping individuals and congregations representing (among others) the Hindu, Jewish, Sikh, Muslim, Christian, and Buddhist religious traditions grow in understanding and community with one another. This work was some of his most challenging and fulfilling work and actually led to the birth of Chance Dillon Weddings & Coaching.

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When a local mixed-faith couple couldn’t find a rabbi or minister willing to marry them, Vanderbilt Divinity School referred them to Chance. Chance’s educational training and love of bringing people together, made saying “yes” to helping them say “I Do,” a simple decision. ‘No matter who they love,’ Chance has been saying “yes” ever since!

“Through the years I have learned
some things worth a tellin’.
And you’d be right in guess’n
that each and every lesson
they were hard won.”
-Ray LaMontagne

My wife Amy and I were married in the spring of 2003. Aside from the day our daughter Addie was born in 2007, it was undoubtedly the happiest, most significant day of our lives. Now, over a decade later, sometimes we laugh at how very little we actually knew about marriage before we said, “I Do.” By no means have we figured it all out yet, but we’ve gathered a good bit of wisdom along the way. One thing we’ve discovered is that the most fulfilling marriages are ones that 1) prioritize mutual personal development and that 2) cultivate ways to “live into” their wedding ceremony everyday by establishing conscious and unconscious reminders of the moments that marked their transition into marriage. 

The Wedding Ceremony is a ritual based observance that reenacts and “pre-enacts” the lifelong blending of two lives together, offering the betrothed an opportunity to publically express their commitment to one another, both verbally and symbolically. Rituals, be they explicitly religious or not, help us connect our past and present to a desired future. What’s more, they transform our psychology…even generating in us new neural networks that help boost our tenacity to recall and hold fast to our commitments. Here’s why this is important: A ritual as significant as your Wedding Ceremony is intended to be “lived into”—to daily set the tone for the rest of your life.

As your Wedding Officiant, I want to help you craft the Wedding Ceremony you will “live into” every single day, for the rest of your lives together. As your Premarital Coach and Marital Coach I want to help you obtain marital fulfillment through the best tools and information that the sciences have to offer.

I look forward to partnering with you!                                         -Chance