The "I Do" It Your Way Package

“My husband and I had planned to have a family friend conduct our ceremony, but he told us two weeks before the wedding that he was not going to be able to make it! So we were scrambling ta the last minute to find somebody who was still available for our date. While it was stressful at the time, I think that our original officiant dropping out was a HUGE blessing because Chance was wonderful to work with and our ceremony was extremely beautiful. Probably more unique, personal, meaningful, and tailored to our relationship than it would have been otherwise. When I reached out to Chance, he got back to me almost immediately and notified me that he was still available. I spoke to him for nearly an hour the next day discussing our beliefs, our vision for how we wanted to shape the ceremony, and also telling him important details about our relationship so he could get a feel for who we are. He offered to meet in person, but we were planning from a distance (TEXAS!) so that wasn’t possible. He sent us a general template for the typical ceremony and invited us to add or delete anything we wanted—basically guided us through personalizing our own ceremony. He was extremely flexible and told us that he would be happy to do whatever we wanted, and also offered his expertise and insights in areas where we were unsure how to proceed. He helped SO MUCH at the rehearsal and helped me not to get too stressed during that process. He was so responsive that he even included things I requested at the last minute on the day of the wedding. He skillfully conducted the ceremony and it was absolutely beautiful—there was not a dry eye in the house. My husband and I were so pleased with the way he put everything together and incorporated individual details about our relationship, our interests, and our beliefs into the ceremony. If you are looking for an AWESOME officiant to help you craft a unique and individualized ceremony (even in a time crunch!) Chance is your man.”
-Elizabeth and Roel


All packages (with the exception of the Let's "I Do" This Already! Package) come with a complimentary in-person consultation. Contact me today so we can schedule a time to meet for coffee!


Whatever it takes, night or day, up until the “big day,” I will be available to you in-person, by phone, text, video chat, or email


My attendance at your rehearsal comes standard with this package! I will arrive promptly and stay as long as needed to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and prepared for your “big day.” To this end, if needed, I am even happy to consult and assist with any and all details and decisions related to the overall choreography of your ceremony.  


I love to work closely with couples to craft custom-made ceremonies that reflect their unique tastes, backgrounds, and personalities. For some, this means that each and every word and gesture must be “just right”….and I am happy to oblige! But no matter how involved you choose to be in the creative process, I am committed to making your ceremony, YOUR CEREMONY! 


I will sign your Marriage LicenseCertificate of Marriage, and (if your county issues you one) your Marriage Certificate. To minimize confusion and stress, I strongly recommend that couples give me all of these documents on the day of the rehearsal for safekeeping. I will bring them to the ceremony and I will sign everything directly following the ceremony.   


I will securely file your Marriage License and Certificate of Marriage (by mail) in a timely manner with the requisite County Clerk’s office of issue (within 2 business days after your ceremony). After your documentation has been mailed, just for fun, you will receive a confirmation text, which includes a "personalized selfie" of me mailing your documentation. Personalized how? 

You get to decide what I include in your photograph! For example, the couple who received the photo with the toothbrush asked me to be brushing my teeth (the groom is a Dentist). The whole thing is a bit silly, I know! Click on the photo to see what some of my other couples have put me up to.    

To ensure that there is adequate time to create your custom-made ceremony, I recommend that couples who select this package secure my services at least one month in advance of “the big day.” 

pRICE           $500.00


Photography above by Revived Photography.