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The Let's "I Do" This Already Package

“My husband and I decided to elope, and I don’t mean a small wedding with plenty of preparation-but a true elopement. I had met Chance last September (he was officiating my best friends wedding) and he immediately came to mind when we were deciding who we would want to officiate. With only two days notice Chance officiated a quick, thoughtful, and beautiful ceremony (we eloped on Good Friday; luckily it’s not a traditional day to marry so we were fortunate enough to snag him). I am so happy that we were lucky enough to have the type of experience we did. I was so afraid our “shotgun wedding” wouldn’t be as sincere as others; however, it turned out to be the most heartfelt experience of my life. Large in part to Chance and his commitment to showing us that although we may have been lacking in the preparation department, the experience of it all and the love that we share will overshadow everything else. Oh and he’s a fabulous dresser doesn’t hurt either!!” -Ashley and Pedro
— https://www.weddingwire.com/vendors/ratings





Whether by phone or video chat (FaceTime, Skype, or Google Hangouts), together we will explore your ceremony needs, then just leave the rest to me! Contact me today and let's get to work! 


Whatever it takes, night or day, up until the “big day,” I will be available to you, by phone, text, or email.  


Based on the information I've gathered during our consultation, I will prepare and guide you through a beautiful and deeply meaningful ceremony that you’ll never forget—complete with all the necessary personal touches that will make it your own. 


Directly following the ceremony, I will sign your Marriage LicenseCertificate of Marriage, and (if your county issues you one) your Marriage Certificate.


I will securely file (by mail) your Marriage License and Certificate of Marriage in a timely manner with the requisite County Clerk’s office of issue (within 1-2 business days after your ceremony).   

*Due to the time constraints typically associated with this package, I cannot guarantee my availability for an in-person consultation, 24 hour in-person access, rehearsal attendance, or “word for word” ceremony customization.    

price     $350.00

(Price may not include mileage and accommodation expenses.)

Photography above by Jocelyn Smith Photography.