Enneagram Coaching

Photo by David Bradley of Osprey Media Nashville.

Photo by David Bradley of Osprey Media Nashville.

as your enneagram coach…

I have been using the Enneagram Personality Inventory as a tool for self-discovery and development for over 15 years and helping others do the same through my relationship coaching offerings for over 5. I would love to accompany you as you discover your own unique path to living as your truest and best self through the power of the Enneagram.

A unique approach

My approach to the Enneagram is unique among Enneagram Coaches. The Enneagram’s roots are ancient, drawing from a verity of philosophical, religious, spiritual, sociological, and psychological disciplines to become the most comprehensive and multivalent personalty inventory that I’ve ever encountered. When we take into account the Enneagram’s historical relationship to religious and spiritual traditions, it’s understandable that the majority of practitioners today are religiously affiliated and/or spiritually inclined. However, this should not be a prerequisite to utilizing the benefits of this remarkable tool. After all, the Enneagram’s emphasis on self-actualization—growth towards authenticity and the fulfillment of one’s potential—is a universal human endeavor that appeals to us all; regardless of our worldview, background, beliefs, etc. For this reason, I would characterize my approach to the Enneagram as one that makes it a universally approachable tool for anyone seeking self-actualization

Whether you are new to the Enneagram or already well acquainted, I will adapt our exploration to fit your desired outcomes, interests, and familiarity. 

you will discover:

1)   Your Enneagram Number and in the process obtain a general overview of how it functions.

2)   How the Enneagram system works and how best to use it.

3)   The early childhood pattern and family systems conditions that shaped your Enneagram Number (offering you profound insight into how historical patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving impact the way you view yourself and how you relate to others).  

4)   The various facets of your Enneagram Number. Here we take a deeper look at how your Enneagram Number characterizes the way you show up, ie: patterns, growing edges, triggers, core motivations, strengths, etc. 

5)   Your Enneagram Wing(s) and Instinctual Variants (and the character of corresponding influence). 

6) Exercises and conceptual frames that are geared specifically for your Enneagram Number and designed to enhance your growing self-awareness, reduce stress, promote psychological well-being, improve emotional intelligence, and optimize your human fulfillment.    

Time-frame and Pricing:

My Enneagram Exploration is a customizable one-on-one process consisting of 3 one-hour long sessions.

The content, pace, and outcomes will vary for each Exploration, based on each individual’s desired outcomes, interests, and familiarity with the Enneagram. Rather than offer multiple programs with differing levels of entry, I have opted for an openly adaptive experience that measures completion by way of time (3 one-hour long sessions) rather than content (assimilation of all 6 discovery objectives, regardless of entry point). In this way, your Enneagram Exploration will adapt to you, rather than the inverse, with an option to join me for as many additional custom-made Enneagram Explorations as you like.     


$300.00 (online)

$400.00 (in-person)