The "I Do" It All Package

“We cannot underscore how elated we were to have Chance as our officiant! Through our experience working with Chance in our pre-marital exploration sessions, we not only gained a much deeper understanding of ourselves and our relationship (which is absolutely saying something after over 6 years of dating), but we also gained a very dear friend in Chance in the process. Being a non-religious couple living in a traditionally conservative area, it was a challenge for us when we began looking for the right person to work with us through the process of preparing for marriage. After meeting with Chance for the first time, we knew almost immediately that wanted him to tie our knot! We would highly recommend reaching out to Chance to officiate your wedding if you and your partner want an officiant who: • Will always be respectful, courteous and professional in their interactions with you. • Listens to your thoughts, feelings and concerns about your wedding with kindness, patience and absolutely no judgement. • Knows how to make you and your partner comfortable. • Asks insightful questions and has a deep understanding of the fundamentals of how and why relationships work. • Has a compelling academic approach to helping you and your partner create the best possible foundation for your marriage. • Will give you incredibly useful tools to navigate some of the stickier aspects of being a human in a relationship with another human. • Will help you create a ceremony that is completely and unequivocally perfect for you and your partner. Trust us on this! • Is well-spoken, fun and pretty masterful at weaving humor and levity into the serious business of marriage. • Offers incredible value for what they charge for their services. • Has the most impeccable red beard I’ve ever seen. In all seriousness, you should probably hire Chance to officiate your wedding. Tell him Matt & Clara sent you.” -Matt and Clara
— https://www.weddingwire.com/vendors/ratings


I love to work closely with couples to craft custom-made ceremonies that reflect unique tastes, backgrounds, and personalities. This often entails partnering with couples in a non-traditional "premarital counseling" process I call a "Premarital Exploration." Here, we will explore the contours of your unique compatibility set as a couple, teaming up to discover just what makes your relationship function at its best. By the end of this process, your ceremony will have all but written itself!! 

The addition of the six session "Premarital Exploration" is really what sets The "I Do" It All Package apart from The "I Do" It Your Way Package. To learn more about this unique and valuable experience, click the link at the bottom of this pageafter you familiarize yourself with everything else that this package has to offer.   


All packages (with the exception of the Let's "I Do" This Already! Package) come with a complimentary in-person consultation. Contact me today so we can schedule a time to meet for coffee!


Whatever it takes, night or day, up until the “big day,” I will be available to you in-person, by phone, text, or email


My attendance at your rehearsal comes standard with this package! I will arrive promptly and stay as long as needed to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and prepared for your “big day.” To this end, if needed, I am even happy to consult and assist with any and all details and decisions related to the overall choreography of your ceremony.  


This package is the only one that comes standard with an in-person ceremony development session! I love to work closely with couples to craft custom-made ceremonies that reflect their unique tastes, backgrounds, and personalities. For some, this means that each and every word and gesture must be “just right”….and I am happy to oblige! But no matter how involved you choose to be in the creative process, I am committed to making your ceremony, YOUR CEREMONY! 


I will sign your Marriage LicenseCertificate of Marriage, and (if your county issues you one) your Marriage Certificate. To minimize confusion and stress, I strongly recommend that couples give me all of these documents on the day of the rehearsal for safekeeping. I will bring them to the ceremony and I will sign everything directly following the ceremony.


I will securely file your Marriage License and Certificate of Marriage (by mail) in a timely manner with the requisite County Clerk’s office of issue (within 2 business days after your ceremony). After your documentation has been mailed, just for fun, you will receive a confirmation text, which includes a "personalized selfie" of me mailing your documentation. Personalized how? 

You get to decide what I include in your photograph! For example, the couple who received the photo with the toothbrush asked me to be brushing my teeth (the groom is a Dentist). The whole thing is a bit silly, I know! Click on the photo to see what some of my other couples have put me up to. 

a small token of my appreciation 

"It was my honor to tie your knot!" So, to say “thanks,” couples who select The "I Do" It All Package will receive a keepsake knot like this one—hand-tied by yours truly!      Photograph by Chance Dillon.

"It was my honor to tie your knot!" So, to say “thanks,” couples who select The "I Do" It All Package will receive a keepsake knot like this one—hand-tied by yours truly!

Photograph by Chance Dillon.

To ensure that there is adequate time to complete your "Premarital Exploration" and create your custom-made ceremony, I recommend that couples who select this package secure my services at least two months in advance of “the big day.” 

PRICE            $750.00


this package saves you $260!

it's the most popular and the BEST VALUE! 

As I said above, The "I Do" It All Package is The “I Do” It Your Way Package combined with the "Premarital Exploration." 

The “I Do” It Your Way Package is valued at $500 and "The Premarital Exploration" alone is valued at $450, for a combined value of $950

However, I offer The “I Do” It All Package for just $750!!

This is a savings of $200. Add to this the $60 discount that the state of TN subtracts from the cost of your Marriage License, just for joining my "Premarital Exploration," and you actually save $260!!!

Why would I subtract $200 from the cost of this package? Simple. The "Premarital Exploration" process is designed to help you discover more about yourselves, both as individuals and as a pair. Naturally, this also affords me an opportunity to get to know you too…and the better I get to know you, the easier it is for me to help you make your ceremony the personal, authentic, intimate, and memorable experience you truly deserve. It’s a win- win!!     

Photography above by Divine Images